A Little Magic Goes a Long Way in Ambassador 88 & the City of Dreams

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Meet the Crew

Gita Auntie

The kids have never met an adult quite like her. As clever as she is fun, Gita Auntie brings magic—real magic—wherever she goes.


The oldest sibling, Sonia is whip-smart, kind, and a natural-born leader. If only her brothers would listen to her from time to time!


Shaan is the fearless twin, always running fast and climbing high. His humor and charm can get him out of any jam, which is good since he finds himself in a lot of them!


Jai is the shyer of the twin boys, but that’s often because he’s off in his thoughts, following his dream or listening to his heart. He’s caring, sweet, and a great friend to humans and animals too.


A pink 1988 HM Ambassador imbued with the powers to travel through time, across oceans, and into the hearts of our young heroes. Amby is Gita Auntie’s trusty (but not rusty!) sidekick who always has her back.


Gita Auntie’s pet pigeon, whose name in Hindi means magic. He’s often flying off to chase adventure in ways that some may call reckless, but c’mon, he’s a magic pigeon.

Meet the Author

As a first-generation Indian American, I’ve always believed that understanding where you come from can inspire where you’ll go. But when I had kids of my own, I realized just how few resources there were for my kids to learn about their roots. So I set out to create a beautiful, modern, and simple way to teach kids about the magic of India through interactive storytelling. With the help of some talented friends, we’ve created a storytelling experience for our little adventurers—with relatable and heroic characters who look like them and fun, interactive activities that help bring the story to life. Our goal is for this story to transport young readers like my kids around the world, so they can discover India without ever leaving their homes.

Eyes open, adventure awaits.
Preeti Caberwal

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The Good Word

"It’s well past time for children of color to see themselves routinely depicted on the pages of books (in a positive light)! Within this context, Preeti Caberwal’s Ambassador88 and the City of Dreams is a triple delight: It’s an engrossing adventure centered around Indian-American children with gorgeous imagery. It also shows the publishing industry that it’s not just a good idea to create an inclusive paradigm but that it’s entirely feasible. Brava Preeti Caberwal!"
Julie Lythcott-Haims
New York Times bestselling author, educator, and DEI leader
"Just got my package today and it ROCKS! My daughter loves it-and considering she's the only Indian in her school, it goes a long way for her (and me). The packaging, activity, and book are also on point.  Very touching to see the Mumbai edition as I'm from Bombay myself! I'm always for folks who are bringing our amazing culture mainstream-it's refreshing to see a positive story told vs the cynical news cycles."
"My girls are 7 and 5 and they're half Indian, half Jewish. What they enjoyed the most was that the book featured Indian kids as protagonists. My 7 year old particularly enjoyed the whimsical and magical aspects of Gita Auntie, and the Hindi words and phrases throughout the book. Both kids also enjoyed the paper fortune teller Q&A activity. Looking forward to finding out about your next box set!"
New Jersey
"Tara really enjoyed the characters in the book and how the story built up. Since is an only child, she is generally fascinated with sibling dynamics and little quibbles and enjoyed the funny exchanges between the siblings. We are excited to join this journey and can't wait to find out the next city the kids will be traveling to in Ambassador88!"
"I'm in 3rd grade and I just finished reading my new favorite book "The City of Dreams." I love this book because of the setting, characters and action. I really like where the story happens and how the setting changes with every chapter and the plot thickens. I tried to predict what was going to happen next, but I was always surprised! Can't wait for your next book. I hope Gita Auntie is in it again-she's my favorite character, along with Jadoo!"
"Prem said he liked the colorful drawings, Jadoo pooping on the kids (and learning that was good luck!), and all the characters...we're second generation Indian...so we like seeing representative books with Indian names and faces. The activity kit and overall presentation are beautiful."
V Shah
"So excited to explore "The City of Dreams" and beyond with Amabassador88.  Such a gorgeous celebration of Indian culture."
"We really love Ambassador88! You guys have built an incredible product and there is so much value in this box-much more than Kiwi Crate. My kids are over the moon."
"A beautiful pink package just showed up on my porch. Everything looks so great! I want to be a child again!"